Orthodontic and
Periodontic treatment

Empowering health in your smile.


Fixed orthodontic appliance (instead of teeth alignment). This is the best way to align crowded teeth or change bite problems
Clear braces, you are in control. Almost invisible to the outsider, the aligners work and you don’t have to worry about smiling
Gum Treatment
Gum disease can affect at any age, and its best to treat it early on.  We provide assessments and treatment for problems related to the supporting structures of the teeth.
The best way to replace a missing tooth or teeth.  Its best to get an assessment done first, if implants are suitable for you.

Orthodontic Treatment

Its never too early or late to take your child to the orthodontist.

Orthodontists are trained to monitor the growth of the jaws and teeth, and the sooner you take your child to get assessed, the better it is.