Dr. Prashant Zaveri is a highly skilled and experienced Orthodontist who has helped many people to improve their appearance and dental health through orthodontic treatment. He gives individualized attention to all of our patients, and performs all treatment procedures himself. This keeps our patients comfortable and well-informed about their progress.  He combines evidence-based philosophy, current technology and years of experience to enhance patient treatment and education.

In order to achieve the best orthodontic results, he emphasises the importance of healthy teeth and gums. His vast experience in Periodontally affected dentition provides a unique and valuable feature in his treatment techniques.

Dr. Prashant Zaveri attained a masters degree in Orthodontics and in Periodontics from the University of Mumbai, India. He was the first person to achieve this distinction of dual qualifications at the university’s dental faculty. In 1996 the family emigrated to New Zealand.

He has completed his specialist registration in Orthodontics in New Zealand and subsequently a Diploma in clinical dentistry (Periodontics) from University of Otago.  He is also an active member of the NZDA and NZAO. He is currently on the Excecutive committee of the Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society as representative of the New Zealand Association of Orthodontist.  Dr. Prashant Zaveri was a Senior Consultant and a Certified Trainer and Facilitator for Quality improvement in Health care at Qimpro Institute, an affiliate of Juran International Inc. USA from 1994-1997

He dedicates his time between family, work and personal interests such as yoga, meditation and learning Vedic Scriptures.